Nim's Birthday Party

Date: 01/02/2002 to 02/02/2002

Some people came down for the weekend. Others were lame. Enough said! Friday's POA was starting in Clowns, then Jesters via somewhere for food. Just for a change, on Saturday we went to Clowns, then Jesters!

Friday Night

We went to clowns, had a kebab then went to Jesters via the study

Nim and Rekha Dan and Lee-anne Lee-anne, Dan, Alice and Reuben Lee-anne, Dan and Alice Who is more popular - Robbie or Brad Pitt? Acquiring more signatures Leonie and Emily Dan Nim being held up on the dancefloor Rekha, Nim & Kiran Dan, Leonie and Matt

Saturday Night

Started in Clowns, went to Jesters. Really original!

In Clowns Matt & Eldridge Robin and Izzy Richard and Sues On the Dancefloor in Jesters On the Dancefloor in Jesters Reuben gives Nim a lift