Sunseeker 2002

Date: 22/02/2002

The few people who managed to make it out of bed and down to the union by 7:30 (!!) went down to Bournemouth where we marshalled stages 6 and 12 of the Rallye Sunseeker. We had two marshall points between us (except Rupert & Lizzie who turned up later and got sent off on their own to the other end of the course!) which gave us some good views of the cars going past.

At the end of the event we had to drive the stage to get out, and I think Matt definitely proved the handling capabilities of the minibus round some of the corners - sideways movement and handbrake turns included!

Chris, Toby and Paul A Skoda in a rally??? 205 First Impreza EVO EVO EVO Louise Goodman & Vicki Butler-Henderson in a 106 A 660cc Perodua Kancil! A very well marshalled corner The BBC South Today team (the right way up!) Someone getting a bit out of shape on the bend