Date: 22/02/2002 to 23/02/2002

Friday Night

We went to clowns where Russell, Emma & Pete were down, then via the Giddy bridge to Kaos

Dan wearing someone's belt Reuben and Emma Sues and Angus swap belts Sues and Reuben Supernim! Nim and Reuben I'm not going to ask Dancefloor in Kaos Nim very drunk in Kaos (nothing new there then!)

Saturday Night

Starting in the Mitre, then to Jesters via Clowns. Sues' sister, Kate, had come down also

Kate and Sues Reuben wearing Sues' scarf Dan and Reuben on the prowl Dancefloor in Jesters Dancefloor in Jesters


Reuben and Nim singing "Save Me" (195k)