Another Weekend

Date: 01/03/2002 to 02/03/2002

Friday Night

After going to the Mitre for a few drinks, we all headed down to Jesters for some dancing

Doing the Macarena! Lesley, Dan and Angela Nim Dan wearing Nim's glasses Claire Lock, Russell and Angela Nim Nim and Dan getting close All on the dancefloor in Jesters

Saturday Night

Starting at Irish's house for vodka, sambuca and martini jelly and drinks, we headed for Jesters. Reuben and Lesley got into a drinking challenge, which resulted in two extremely wasted people. I'll leave it up to you to guess who won.

An interesting array of jellies Russell attempting lots of Sambuca shots Sues and Claire doing Sambuca Sambuca and Ice Cream Reuben doing Sambuca and Ice Cream Reuben and Lesley in a drinking contest Random Tellytubby Angela erm....? Reuben and Lesley carry on drinking Lesley and Angela Russell and Angela Ian finally in a photo


Lesley: You shut up! (151k)

Lesley: You want to take me on? (206k)