Boat Party Weekend

Date: 08/03/2002 to 09/03/2002

Friday Night

We got a bit of an early start, getting to clowns at about 4. Ended up going to The Study and The Hobbit afterwards

Outside in Clowns Angela and Matt Dan Us in Jesters Dan and Matt dancing Dan, Claire and Angela Dan with more drinks Nim eating a sausage! Claire, Dan and Nim Reuben, Dan and Angus

Saturday Night

We went to a boat party off Ocean Village with the Lifesaving society

Sues and Nim Tasha and Reuben Reuben, Angela and Claire Russell and Angela Claire, Rich and Sues Angus and Jo Tasha and Reuben asleep Angus and Sues Russell pole-dancing Russell and Angus On the dancefloor on the boat On the boat Nim and Russell trying to dispose of Claire