Nim's Birthday Weekend

Date: 25/01/2002 to 26/01/2002

Although the proper party wasn't until the weekend after, it was Nim's birthday on Friday, so we had to meet down in clowns for a couple of drinks! After clowns we went for a curry in Chutneys and onto Kaos. On Saturday Tim Wheeler had come down so we went out again, doing the normal routine of Clowns and Jesters after a couple of drinks at Reuben's first

Friday Night

Dan and Reuben Eldridge More tongues! Tara & Dan Nim and Reuben in Kaos Rich, Dan, Nim and Reuben in Kaos

Saturday Night

Table football in the Mitre Table football in the Gordons Nim and Tim Dan and Tim? Tim and Dan? In Jesters Sues gets a lift home