Cocktail Night and Jesters

Date: 17/03/2002


We started by having lots of cocktails round Reuben and Sues' house. This got us started for a very long night, but only after a long walk to Jesters!

Dan and Sues Making a photo collage Reuben puts Sues in the boat Sues gets a lift to Jesters Sues tries to give Reuben a piggy-back Dan and Helen with a Hat


Once we got into Jesters, things started getting more messy!

Reuben and Helen Dan, Sues and Reuben outside in Jesters Sues dancing Angus and Helen Nim Reuben and Dan Reuben Reuben wearing Sues' cardigan Reuben wearing Sues' cardigan Dan and his new friend Helen(!)

Jesters cont

Unfortunately I became rather, errr... indisposed (as some of the photos show) and I gave up my camera! This is the result

Helen and Dan Me, err, passed out Nim Reuben and Nim Dan and Helen pull! On the dancefloor Me passed out still Nim, Dan and Reuben Nim, Dan and Reuben Nim, Pete and Dan Reuben


Voicemail: I Love You Baby (26k)

Voicemail: Drunk message from Nim (40k)

My night in Jesters (533k)

Dan and Helen attempt to pull (335k)

Dan and Helen pulling (202k)

Dan commenting on finding a girl willing to be pulled on camera (749k)

More people telling me I'm drunk! (635k)

Angus telling me that I'm drunk (and sounding a bit drunk himself!) (803k)