Wales IV - New Year

Date: 30/12/2001 to 02/01/2002

Reuben, Jenny, Dan, Sues, Chris and I went to Reuben's house in Broadhaven for a few days over the new year period - here are some of the photos of what we got up to.


On Sunday, we had dinner at the Castle, then went back to the flat for a "couple" of drinks

Monday (New Year's Eve)

On New Year's Eve, we went for a walk through a muddy path and watched the sunset over the bay, then went back to the flat for some drinks. At about 11:00 we took a walk over the beach to Little Haven, and waited outside the Castle for the New Year. After some champagne on the front, we joined in the party inside the Castle, where a Greeks & Romans night was in full effect with the whole village. We walked back around 3:00, then sat around in the flat for a while

The November Pose

Tuesday (New Year's Day)

For some strange reason (I think it may have had something to do with a small party the previous night???) no-one was up for doing anything for most of the morning. We eventually managed to make it out of the house for a walk over to Little Haven. We went back to the Castle again for a meal, where we spotted a lot of the people from the previous night. Then we stayed up drinking for a while.

Hello! I'm in a phone box!


We didn't really do much - packing up and going home


There's a problem with my bra! (940k)

I don't want any pringles (823k)

You got a little too close! (939k)

Reuben copies Nim's routine (940k)