Wales V - I can't believe...

Date: 28/03/2002 to 01/04/2002


We arrived on Thursday night, went shopping and spent lots on alcohol, then had a quiet night in as we didn't get there until late

The initial supply of alcohol Yes, we are into all this healthy food


On Friday we started by going for a walk around the bay and climbing over some rocks. After scrambling up a rather loose path we made our way back for lunch, then played on the beach. The evening was one of true Wales style - dinner and drinks in the Castle, then back to the flat for more drinks and drunken behaviour!

Nim climbing with his flies open St Brides Bay St Brides Bay Reuben, Chris and Dan The Gay pose Reuben gives Sues a piggy back Sues gives Reuben a piggy back Baseball on the beach Baseball on the beach On the beach at Broadhaven Sunset over the bay Sunset over the bay Chris and Reuben's Ice Cream challenge Chris and Reuben's Ice Cream challenge Drunk Dan Drunk Dan Dan tries to force some action between Sues and Claire Reuben's great spelling Claire asleep


On Saturday morning lots of people were feeling quite ill, so what better way to start the afternoon with a long walk along the coastal path. The evening was spent in the Castle, where we met a couple of friendly women. They bought us a few drinks and we went back to their cottage on the way home to chat, then headed back. Noone was up for much when we got back as it was quite late.


The weather wasn't quite as nice on Sunday so we ended up sitting in the flat for most of the day. We decided not to go to the Castle so we got fish and chips and drunk lots of what we had left! Games of Truth or Dare followed, but by popular demand photos were banned!


On Monday morning it was pissing down so we stayed indoors, but once we had packed up the weather cleared up a lot, so we went outside for a walk.


Chris and Reuben eating Ice cream (1,062k)

Message to Matt (1,061k)

Dan and Claire dancing (844k)

Dan and Reuben dancing (639k)

Claire painting Reuben (310k)

Just a little bit over the top (742k)

Claire has the brownies (821k)

The 3 second rule gets enforced (267k)

It's a hot dog sausage! (903k)

Reuben rocks Nim's world (425k)

I can't do it! (972k)

Nim reads poetry (881k)

I'm not gay by the way (677k)

Claire asleep (602k)

Claire snoring (647k)

Chris tends to the fire (618k)

Claire - "I'm not going to sing!" (710k)

Claire snoring again! (537k)

Reuben with his women (411k)

Reuben sits on Claire's face (475k)

Irish dancing (968k)

Reuben and Dan dancing (273k)

Sues and Claire morris dancing (349k)

Sues tells a story (1,417k)

Claire tells a story (1,016k)

Dan snoring (488k)