Reuben & Sues Birthday

Date: 20/04/2002

Giddy Bridge

We started in the Giddy Bridge, where the Beer Shooter was introduced. Rounds of Reef were bought and these were all downed.

Sues downs Reef Reuben downs reef Sues doesn't quite manage this one Another attempt Claire's turn The rounds of reef


Then we went for a curry at Chutneys

Everyone at Chutneys What's going on behind the napkin? Reuben with Claire and Sues Reuben and Russell Jenny and Reuben on the way to clowns


We went to clowns for a few more drinks. A ping-pong ball was introduced to liven things up- line drinks up at each end of the table, then bounce the ball along. Whoevers drink gets landed in does the lot!

In clowns Jenny is satisfied Ciara Ciara, Pete, Mark and Tasha Jenny Claire, Tim and Karl Claire, Tim and Karl Jenny Ciara and Pete Tasha Ciara and Pete Dan and Andy Matt and Karl Jenny and Sues Tim gives Reuben a massage Claire and Angela


As normal, we finished the night off in Jesters, for more drunken debauchery.

Angela, Jenny and Claire Sues and Wheeler Wheeler and Angela (with Evil Sues) Pete and Mark Sues and Reuben Sues doesn't look happy Sues and Reuben Tim and Dan (they do look similar!) Matt, Jenny and Wheeler Nim and Dan Nim sorts Reuben out Wheeler looking wasted Dan and Jenny Wheeler, Karl and Angela Reuben falls on top of Nim (again)


Jenny: "I am absolutely wide awake!" (351k)

Reuben trying to down: "It's more difficult than you think" (878k)

Tim's psychs himself up... (233k)

...then downs the Reef (208k)

Jenny downs Reef (531k)

Tasha tries (688k)

and so does Angela (898k)