Bank Holiday Weekend

Date: 03/05/2002 to 06/05/2002

Friday Night

We went to Clowns, then most of us headed off to Kaos. Some of us were too drunk to get in :-)

Dan, Sues and Reuben in Clowns Angus Reuben Reuben and Lesley Reuben gives Lesley a massage Sues looks surprised Angus, Kirsty and Sues

Saturday Night

Met up in Clowns with the Geology lot, then went down to Jesters

Sues and Nim- do we look different with our eyes closed? Sues and Nim Nim gets some lip gloss Nim wearing Lip Gloss Sues and Claire Dan Dan dancing Dan Lesley, PBH and Dip PBH and Dip Dan and Nim (the normal pose) Sues and Claire looking a bit wasted The Geology lot Walking Home Dan

Monday Night

Went for a BBQ round at Irish's house

Reuben and a telly-tubby Reuben and a telly-tubby Nim sitting on the wall Everyone sitting on the shed Reuben demonstrates throwing on Angela Reuben and Al get intimate Reuben and Al make up Reuben with Angela ...and again Everyone outside Sues and Angela try to bring Reuben down and fail Everyone outside Claire Claire Ed Us in Claire's bed