Goodbye Ball Weekend

Date: 14/06/2002 to 15/06/2002

Friday Night

Reuben took my camera out as I was at home, they went to Chutneys and Kaos

Nim in Chutneys Kiran Rekha Rekha and Kiran Reuben and Rekha Reuben Tasha Pete Sarah as Snoopy Lesley Lesley and Sarah Ciara Sues Sues and Rekha Dan with some women in Kaos Sues and Dan

Goodbye Ball

The Goodbye ball was the occasion used as an excuse for everyone to get together. We went for a meal in La Tavernetta beforehand, had a quick drink in the Hogshead then went to the ball. There are more photos on Russell's Site

Sues, Reuben and Lesley before the ball Reuben and Dan in the restaurant Rich and Sues Rekha and Claire Lock At the restaurant before the ball Russell and Kiran Reuben, Dan and Helen Reuben and Dan Rekha, Nim and Alex Russell, Claire Lock, Nim and Kiran Reuben, Sues, Rich and Dan Reuben and Sues In the Hogshead Reuben chats to the barmaid Nim and Reuben Nim and Reuben Nim and Sarah Can anyone escape Reuben's massages? Nina gets a massage Reuben and Nim On the dancefloor Reuben, Dan and Rich Tragedy! Dancing Alex and Sues Rich, Russell and Kiran Claire, Sues, Dan, Rekha and Reuben Everyone dancing at the end of the night Kiran, Rekha, Claire Lock and Robin Sarah and Tim