Holiday in Crete

Date: 03/09/2002 to 10/09/2002

Me, Reuben, Sues, Angela, Nim, Lesley, Matt and Angus go to Crete for a week holiday in the sun.


First day of the holiday, we arrived at our apartments early evening. After a quick change we headed into Hersonissos town for some food and drinks. Ended up in a club.

Reuben and Angua Dancing in a club Reuben grabs Matt


Recovery from the night before (a common theme in the mornings!). We got up around 11 and slowly migrated to the pool, where we sat until after lunchtime. Then we took a wander down to the beach which was about 5 minutes walk, and spent the rest of the afternoon there. Had dinner in a restaurant up the road from the apartment, then tried to find a bar to spend the rest of the night in. The girls got us to go to a place called Theo's, which had lots of loud horns and sirens any time anyone tried to come or go. At some point we managed to get long straws for our beer which simply meant stealing everyone else's drinks when they weren't looking! After leaving this place we came back to the apartments, collected some beer and went down to the beach.

Reuben and Sues in the pool Reuben's little cock Lesley and Angela Sues and Reuben A very red Matt and Nim Reuben chats up Angela Nim with his bitches Sparkling beer Nim and Sues get to grips with long straws Nim pays back Matt for spilling drinks over him Matt returns the favour Things get closer outside Reuben and Sues a little drunk? Nim obviously got too carried away Matt after Sues' lame attempts at rubbing lotion in Angela feeling a little worse for wear? It's just platonic! Sues, Angus and Lesley Lesley on the beach Angela Nim starting to enjoy himself... ...but one is never enough... ...why doesn't everyone join in? Sues gets told off by Nim


The day began by the pool. After some lunch, a few of us walked off into Hersonissos to have a wander around. We walked over the rocks, had an ice cream then tried to find our way back along the beach. This was not possible all the way, but it did enable us to find a nice restaurant to come back to later. After this we headed back to the apartment for a rather quiet end to the night.

By the pool Angela and Lesley playing pool Hersonissos Bay Angus by the Sea Angus, Matt, Angela and Lesley Hersonissos Walking back along the beach View across the Bay Angela on the rocks Angela and Lesley on the rocks Angela with a pussy on her face Reuben entices the pussy Matt lays a trail... ...which seems to work... ...aah! Angela with three blokes in bed? It has been a long day


Again the day begun next to the pool, after which we took Taxi's to the Palace of Konossos. This worked out cheaper and easier than going with the tour company's excursion, and allowed you to go later in the day when it wasn't as busy. After this more fun and games at the pool. In the evening we went back out to Hersonissos town for a meal and some drinks. The bar we went into was doing 3 for 1 on cocktails, so everyone ended up getting rather drunk. Reuben and Matt had found a good place to go to later, New Yorks. We went there afterwards. This backed right onto the beach, and Sues being Sues got thrown into the sea.

Why walk when you can have a lift? Palace of Konnossos Palace of Konnossos Palace of Konnossos Palace of Konnossos Palace of Konnossos Throne room in Konnossos Throne room in Konnossos A painting at Konnossos Some pots Palace of Konnossos Palace of Konnossos Palace of Konnossos Palace of Konnossos Palace of Konnossos The sacred horns Reuben rides the whale Volleyball in the pool Volleyball in the pool Attempting to get on the whale Success Alcoholics, us? Angela and Sues Reuben and Matt Angela starting to look tired Sues and Angus Angela has enough... ...but after a quick chunder wakes up again Nim, Matt and Reuben All gets a bit much for Sues


After another heavy night, the morning was spent recovering. Most of the day was spent beside the pool. In the evening we went to watch the sunset at the beach. The dog in the picture loved chasing cars - it would chase anything on wheels that came past. Afterwards we took lots of Amstel down to the beach and played drinking games. Rules got introduced to make people spin round four times - this seemed to work quite well and everyone fell over. Reuben dropped his watermelon on the way back, and some people stayed up to watch the sunrise!

Matt takes Angela's hat in the pool again A Praying Mantis Dia Island Dog chasing the car Sunset over the beach Sunset over the beach Sunset over the beach Sunset over the beach Matt after spinning around Lesley spinning around Sues spinning around No, not roadkill- just Watermelon!


Two words - Booze Cruise! After waking up fairly late this morning to find Lesley, Nim and Matt already by the pool not having been to bed, we got picked up and taken to a boat. To start with it was a little quiet, then we started getting beer sprayed us and a bloke came round tipping Ouzo down people's throats. They stopped the boat and we jumped off the sides and went swimming, before going to Dia Island for some food. Then we headed back the very scenic route involving dancing and drinking and beer fights. In the evening we went to the pool to talk to the other guests and for Reuben and Sues to show off their pole-dancing skills.

Angus having Ouzo poured down his throat... ...which went on to Reuben... ...then to Nim (who just backwashed it!) Everyone jumped off the boat Someone makes a splash In the water The girls in the water Matt jumps in Reuben walks the invisible tightrope The girls The group on the boat Dancing begins More Dancing General mayhem and partying Me with the girls Nim Angus Matt Sues provides the entertainment... ...and gets into it Reuben shows her how it's done... ...and decides to make it into a striptease at the same time Sues


The last proper night of the holiday. The daytime consisted of fun and games by the pool (how many different things can you do with lilos without bursting them?). In the evening we went back into Hersonissos town for a meal at a Restaurant called Mythos which was recommended to us. Afterwards we went to another bar for more cocktails. At the end of the night we ended up back in New York's, where Lesley ended up too dry and promptly got thrown in by everyone. We had met another group of guests from our apartment in there, and we went round to their room after we got back for more drinks. Lesley went off ("back in 5 mins!") to bed, and we got told off for making too much noise. We took our stuff down to the beach and decided to wait for the sunrise. On the way Angela decided to try and wake Lesley (who must have passed out) by repeatedly kicking the door as hard as she could! Down on the beach doing vodka shots and waiting for the sunrise which was not going to be visible (it was cloudy).

Reuben goes for the double-lilo Reuben running across Lilos Lesley's first attempt at a somersault Double-decker Lilo Double-decker Lilo Lesley Somersaults Reuben Somersaults Matt goes for the triple-decker... ...which is a little unstable By the pool First attempt at capturing lightning Success! Group Photo outside the apartments At the table in Mythos Angus, Matt, Reuben and Angela Me, Lesley, Nim and Sues Angela looking a bit tipsy Nim and Sues Me and Lesley Is he eyeing up Reuben or Sues?!? Cocktails Angela and Angus doing shots Nim and Reuben doing shots Lesley and Reuben on the beach Everyone in New Yorks Sues goes into the sea... ...and is joined by Lesley... ...who was a little too dry... ...but not for long!


The very last day, most of us hadn't gone to bed before 6. I got woken up at 11:30 by Matt telling me we had 30 mins to get our stuff out of the apartments. Outside I was greeted by the sight of Angela looking rather worse for wear. Eventually we all got our stuff out and moved to the pool where everyone sat doing very little. Then we flew home :-(

Angela in the recovery position Reuben and Angela in the recovery position Ball games in the pool Still not feeling better?