Dans 24th

Date: 08/11/2002 to 09/11/2002

Friday Night

Dan's sister Hannah had come down with a few friends. Me, Dan, Pete, Mike, Nim, Mike & Reuben went out to the opening night of the new nightclub in the union, the Cube.

All celebrating Dan's bday Mike 'avin a fag! Pete, NIm, Dan & Matt Has Pete's expression changed at all? Dan makes a move on Pete... ...but is denied Hannah, Tim, Tom & Will Hannah & Dan Dan gets ready to punch Pete Matt's ear catches fire Pete tries to make a move on Dan... ...but finds Matt more receptive Smokey dancefloor at the cube! Dancefloor at the cube Pete, Dan & Nim Kev, Dan & Stuart Dan outside Mike's trademark shot Mike demostrating his sobriety (before falling over on the way home!)

Saturday Night

Dan's actual birthday, we were getting him very drunk. Started in Giddy bridge then went to Kaos. *Lots* of drunken photos :-)

A little closer... Stuart & Becci Me & Emma The audition for the show didn't go well Claire's had a few too many! Almost caught the Giddy bridge streaker Dan looking happy Dan looking <i>really</i> happy Dan looking <i>really really</i> happy Nim blows Happy Birthday on the bottles Dan & Nim Audition for a catologue pose The conversation is so boring Pharoah disclocates his head Everyone in Kaos Stuart spots a four-leafed clover Matt finds his own four-leafed clover Asereje, aha... aserejé ja deje dejebe tu dejebe deseri iowa a mavy an de bugui an de güidibidi Matt & Jim notice Angela isn't wearing any trousers Rowing practice gets off to a bad start Sues & Matt Um..... No pictures please The dirty old man invades Kaos Me, Sues & Half of Pete Assasination attempt on Claire #3 The superglue joke starts well... ...but ends in tears Kaos goes upmarket and installs Lava lamps Mmmm, nice! Mmmm, maybe not. While Matt distracts Helen, Emma steals the fairy liquid While Matt phones for help, Pete looks on amused Shit, what is the number for 999? Dan's best rabbit impression is a real lady-pleaser Nim looks poetic Helen's had enough fairy liquid, while Scarecrow Dan looks on The start of the big-mouth disease... ...and is passed on to Pete & Angela... ...but is cured by Pharoah kissing Angela's elbow Up close and personal Pete loses the stool Tim shows off what a heavy drinker he is Where is Jim's hand? Simon says, touch your nose. Hmm Pete looks normal (ish) Tim doesn't