Angela's Birthday

Date: 22/11/2002 to 23/11/2002

Friday Night

Drinks round at Angela's house with some drinking games

Sues with a bloke on each leg It was *this* big! Angela not looking very wasted yet Matt tries it on with Stuart... ...then with Becky Me & Stuart Becky Jim Things start to go downhill Me & Angela The girls Becky, Stuart and Matt Becky and Stuart Dan & Angus Becky avoids Angela's punch Dan Stuart & Dan The sofa-top can-can Becky tries the didgerydoo Stuart's hormone treatment starts to work Mine are bigger than yours!

Saturday Night

Clowns, Sobar, Kaos and Jesters all in one night

Stuart and Claire both longing for Jim Too much for Alice? Hmm, guess the dance Pete & Tim Becky & Stuart Angela & Me Game of mercy between Alice & Jim... ...with Jim soundly beaten! :-)