Christmas Meal

Date: 06/12/2002

Christmas meal at the Milburys and a coach home - recipe for getting lots of people drunk

Around the table Dan Tom & Russell Balancing pint glasses Rob with Champagne Rob with Champagne A plot emerges to remove some of the competition from the championship Take aim at Garrett Success! Dan and Lizzie Callum Elaine going back under the table More mince pies! Elly and Chris The RUC rep contenders The first 'willing?' applicant Chris makes a speech Tom explains that he would be the best rep Ed Butler becomes the new RUC rep Some sort of deal? Drunk Andy Andy well and truly under the table Toby Toby's baby works out Olly with his pile of empties Phil This says it all really Almost passed out Post-ice-cube fight Elaine The coach on the way back Belly's gonna get you! Paul starts in the orange fight Trying to spell something amusing on the fridge Back at Woodcote