New Year's Eve

Date: 31/12/2002

On New Year's Eve we went round to 78 for a few drinks, then onto the Mitre where Sues and Angela seemed to be getting quite friendly. Afterwards we went back to 78 where we tried the dancing mat

Matt trying on Sues' top Matt trying on Sues' top Sues and Angela How u doin'? Sues and Dan Me with Angela & Sues Dan, Angela & Matt All in the Mitre Dan & Nim Starting to get friendly Don't ask me, I don't know! Angela & Nim Dan & Nim Matt Sues Angela & Dan Dan & Matt Typical Angela looking drunk shot Ange & Dan Nim & Dan Matt & Sues Me and Sues Dan & Angela Matt tries to cop a feel then realises it is Nim... ...Right people this time Angela tries to throttle Sues Dan, Matt & Sues Me & Angela Matt, Sues, Angela & Me Angela ignores the camera Seems to be a regular theme Nim and Matt Sues and Angela... again! The blokes and again All of us Dancing On the dancefloor Midnight Matt tries to pull everyone over Nim & Angela Matt & Angela Dan Angela and Sues Angela & Sues Angela, Matt & Sues Angela tries the cigar Sues tries the cigar Angela tries the cigar Sues with cigar Dan dancing Sues dancing Nim dancing Matt & Angela Angela starting to go Matt Nim and Matt have some fun on Dan's bed In Dan's room Dan, Sues and Matt Nim wakes Dan up