Greece Holiday

Date: 04/09/2003 to 12/09/2003

Our annual excursion for a week of fun in the sun. This contains photos from both mine and Reuben's cameras


Getting from Luton to Greece

Drinks in the airport


Our first day in Greece, we spent most of the morning by the pool, and going to the welcome talk. In the evening we went for a meal where we discovered the horrors of greek "bulk wine" which was never tried again.

Lilos by the pool Lilos by the pool Sunset Sues and Reuben at dinner The start of a long week of Amstels (Hamsters!) On the beach at night Reuben and Sues on the beach


A quiet day of relaxing by the poolside and on the beach

Reuben Pete, Sues & Reuben on the beack


Had to get up early to go on a Pirate cruise. Got taken to the boat and introduced to our mad captian Mikallis, who kept insulting the other boat full of Germans. We stopped for a swim on a nice beach, then played some water-polo and volleyball in a girls vs boys fashion. In the evening we headed out for a meal, before ending up in the local karaoke bar, which appeared to be the only place with any life. Here we met the rep from the boat cruise, Laura, and some girls we'd met by the pool at our apartments- Helen, Claire, Anna & Ruth. Sues, Helen & Claire did karoake.

The Pirate ship Sues, Reuben and Pete Turtle Island Reuben and Sues on the boat All of us on the boat Reuben as the pirate The happy couple Pete, Sues and Reuben with painted faces Sues Pete Amusing bloke Laura & Reuben Crazy Captain Mikallis Me & Pete Sunset over the beach Sunset over the beach Sues, Pete & Me Sues & Pete Sues with her Hamster Me Laura doing Karaoke Pete dancing Normal mad shot of Pete Sues, Helen & Claire doing Karaoke Sues, Helen & Claire doing Karaoke Laura attacks Pete Claire and Helen Reuben Me Sitting on the beach at the end of the night


Monday was spent by the pool and on the beach, snorkelling and playing games. We also tried to get a pedalo, which was unsuccessful as the bloke was not there. In the evening we went for dinner, then for drinks in a local cafe where Reuben managed to up-end the table with all the drinks on. I went home early as I had an early start the next day, and the others went back to the Barn.

Reuben buried in the sand Sues tries for Style points Attempt to run around the bats on the floor... ...both end in disaster Pier at Pefkohori Sues drinking pints Through the drinking glass Reuben Pete Sues Me Anna & Ruth Anna Ruth Helen Claire


I had to get up early to go diving, after which I rejoined the others on the beach where we played a few games. In the evening we were completely consistent and went for a meal, then some drinks in cafes and the barn. Ended up on the beach sitting around talking for ages.

Pier at Pefkohori Sunset Sunset Pete, Sues & Me Sues Sues' teeth have fallen out Pete, Reuben & Sues Pete & Reuben Pete & Reuben in the barn Me & Sues Helen, Claire & Reuben Hamsters Sues and Helen picking Karoake songs Pete & Me Anna & Claire Helen taking a picture Claire and Reuben Sues, Pete and Helen on the dancefloor Ruth, Claire, Helen and Reuben ACMY :) Reuebn with the Amstel girl Sues and Helen doing Karaoke Sues and Helen doing Karaoke All on the dancefloor Dog on the beack All sitting round on the beach All sitting round on the beach Mad dogs on the beack Dogs asleep on the beack Reuben with a dog between his legs Reuben asleep


Our last full day of the holiday, the weather decided it wouldn't be very nice to us. We spent most of the day by the pool and beach, until it started raining. Fortunately this all cleared up in time for us to have a big night out in nearby Hanioti with Helen & Claire. Again, ended up on the beach at the end, waiting for sunrise.

After the storm Hotel Rigakis Hotel Rigakis Rainbow after the storm Sunset Sunset All in a bar Pete, Claire & Reuben Me, Sues and Helen Sues Helen Richard Reuben Claire Pete Reuben In the apartment In the apartment Sues and Helen doing Yoga Sues doing Yoga Reuben and Helen doing Yoga Reuben starts to strip Sues pole-dancing Sues pole-dancing Sues pole-dancing Helen almost asleep Helen and Pete Claire First signs of sunrise Claire, Pete and Helen Sunrise Sky at Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise


The final day of the holiday, this consisted mainly of being tired from staying up until sunrise. We had another attempt at getting a pedalo, again without success. Then we went for a meal with the girls before heading back home :(

Holiday Photo Walking to get food All of us at dinner Sues drinking pints Helen tries to manage two trollies


Fancy a hamster? (0k)