Wales New Year

Date: 29/12/2003 to 03/01/2004

Yet another trip to Wales, this one being my second one for New Year


First full day here for most of us. Mainly spent the morning chilling out and waiting for everyone to get up (as usual!). Once everyone was up we started helicopter school, trying to make the helicopter not hover in the kitchen. We went to the Castle for dinner as normal, when Chris W joined us. After a couple of games of pool, we went back to the flat, to introduce the newcomers to the game of blocks. Angela the "Bumbling Idiot" got quite drunk, but was still able to put the blocks in place. She managed to persuade us to drink Ouzo as a penalty for losing. Think it bit her when she fell off the couch from lying there!

Reuben flying the helicopter Pete tries not to fly Pete tries at blocks... ...and loses Reuben ensures the teddy is dead... ...but loses anyway Bumbling Idiot gets introduced Getting more adventurous Chris gets bolder Chris hasn't had enough Ouzo

Wednesday (Day)

After everyone emerged on Wednesday morning and felt a bit hungover, we started a bit more on the helicopter lessons again. We carried on with the trying not to hover, and progressed onto trying to hover slightly above the ground. After a couple of accidents, we started getting bored. Someone suggested we affect a daring rescue with the helicopter. As it happened, we noticed the duck was in distress and after a major engineering session, was also wearing a magnetic life-jacket. Eventually it was rescued, only to be captured and placed on top of Saruman's tower. Unfortunately the helicopter was unable to rescue it from there - the power of the ring took over and broke it. After which, someone inadvertedly died on the carpet. Reuben took to annotating them.

Flying the kite Flying the kite Flying the kite Flying the kite Helicopter takes off We spoke to a duck at the scene First attempt at a flyover Helicopter at base Someone spots the helicopter A worried parent Rescued! Caught in Saruman's tower Saruman's tower Dead stiff Brewer's droop Chris is a target

New Year's Eve

After everyone getting dressed up for the Black & White theme of the party being put on by the Castle, we had a few drinks at the flat before heading through the driving wind and rain to the pub. Although some of us managed to show a bit of leg and get a lift over! Once there, we found it to be packed, but managed to occupy a corner. The theme of the night was Black and White, which seemed to have been interpreted in many different ways. Stormtroopers, Pandas, French maids and a Chain gang made up some of the costumes. We had the normal midnight multiple countdowns. Eventually we headed back to the flat for a bit of a wind-down before bed.

Bond Girls and Reuben Bond Girls and Chris B Bond Girls and Pete Bond Girls and Chris W Bond Girls and Richard Group photo Chris services Reuben Group photo Reuben takes a shot Chris Richard Angela Chris B Pete Reuben as a stormtrooper Julian & Reuben Reuben with a panda Cowboy & Reuben Reuben & Chris Tasha with Champagne Tasha, Chris & Angela Angela drinking Champagne Inside the castle near midnight Group photo On the floor shot Me, Pete & Angela Tasha with champagne Dancing Pete, Chris, Angela, Reuben & Chris Tasha with Chris & Angela Reuben & Chris Richard Chris In the Castle at midnight Group photo at midnight Chris finally gets his moment with Reuben Pete with Angela & Tasha Pete & Tasha

New Year's Day

Most people weren't feeling too bad on the morning after New Year's Eve. One member of the group who seems to regularly show up in photos with a bottle of champagne was a little worse for wear however! Reuben's brothers and arrived with one of their girlfriends to join us for a couple of days. We went for a walk around Broadhaven during the afternoon. In the evening after a crowded meal in the castle we came back to try out the assortment of games Angela had managed to bring back with her.

Group photo on the walk Sunset over Broadhaven bay Kiss your partner Cheers! Twister! Twister Twister Twister Reuben likes a long hard shaft Careful!


The intention on Friday morning was to get up early and go for a walk. That didn't happen by any stretch of the imagination. People were just about up before lunchtime, when we headed into Haverfordwest for some lunch. We then went for a walk round a reservoir for the rest of the afternoon. We had dinner in the castle as normal, then went back and watched Chris try to leave many times, eventually going at about 10:00. Stayed up chatting and listening to music after playing a variety of card games. Cheat!

Dam! By the dam Sprung a leak As flat as a millpond Group photo by the reservoir Looking over the flat water Sunset over the reservoir Sunset over the reservoir Child's playground Showing his real age! Meanwhile, back at the flat, burglars steal our food The corpse comes back to life One of them is surprised by the camera The ice-cream eating contest, round 2 The winner of the ice-cream contest


The final day- Angela wasn't feeling too great in the morning but the rest of us went down to Marloes sands, as Reuben had said it was very nice. Unfortunately it was extremely windy and fairly wet, which made it slightly different. Possibly the first time I've gone for a long beach walk in walking boots, a very warm jacket, gloves and a hat!

Walking on Marloes Sands Waves on Marloes sands


Tasha dancing with Angela (0k)

Chris stoking the fire (0k)

Successful Helicopter Rescue (0k)

Helicopter crash (0k)

Another helicopter crash (0k)