iTunes Library Tool

After purchasing an iPod and having to switch from Winamp to iTunes, I began to get annoyed with a few features missing from iTunes. Specifically, there was no way of automatically adding music to the library just by placing it in a folder (e.g. if you've ripped it using another program, or obtained it from somewhere else not using iTunes), there is no way of removing dead tracks (where the file has been deleted but the library entry remains), and iTunes does not pick up your existing album artwork, which Windows Media Player kindly finds for you.

To get around these, I wrote iTunes LT (iTunes Library Tool). This program will do the following:

  • Adds any files in a list of directories not already in the library into iTunes
  • Removes any dead files from the library
  • For any files with no artwork present where there is a folder.jpg present, imports this to the track. It also checks to make sure the artwork isn't the default one WMP uses when it can't find some, and you can exclude directories from this (I have an unsorted directory where there are many mixed mp3s that I don't want art on)

The program is still under development, but it does these tasks well. If you use it, please drop me an e-mail to let me know how you got on! I am planning on adding new features, including the following:

  • Monitor the watched folders while the program is running so new files get instantly added to iTunes
  • Look up missing cover art from amazon (if you need this now, search for iTunes AI)
  • Possibly syncing library with winamp library, updating playcounts etc

Known Bugs

  • Progress forms are unresponsive and may not visually update, cancel button does not work
  • No fancy icons at the moment!



MSI Package

Change Log

14 Sep 2005 Test 1 Initial Version