Nokia SMS is a program designed for sending and receiving SMS messages through Windows XP connected to a Nokia phone. I have written the program for a Nokia 6210, but I am fairly sure that it also works with a 7110, and may well work with other phones of the same series. The program was written for Windows XP, as it mainly works using the balloon notifications from the system tray which are not available under some other Windows platforms, but it should work on Windows 2000, albeit with reduced functionality. The program requires that the Nokia PC Connectivity SDK is installed - this comes as part of PC Suite, which came on a CD with my phone.

If Nokia Phone Editor is not enough for you, this may solve some of the problems. This program runs in the background and does not take any screen space, and pops up on incoming calls and sms messages. I wrote it because I could not get enough reception in my lab to reliably send text messages, but the phone sitting on top of my monitor works fine! So I bought an IR port and wrote this.

Note:I do not have a Nokia phone any more - I wrote this when I got rid of it. Hence this has been left in the state it was in a long time ago, and will not be developed any further. Feel free to do what you like with the source!


  • Receives SMS messages and displays them in a balloon notification in the system tray
  • Also detects incoming calls so you can have your phone on Silent when connected to your PC
  • Allows you to reply to text messages and send messages
  • Network, signal level and battery level detection
In future I hope to implement the following features:
  • Storage of messages, both outgoing (via this program) and incoming
  • Full phonebook support (it is currently read-only)
  • Better support for reconnecting phone


Below are some screenshots showing the features of the program.

Main Screen Received SMS popup Message reply screen


This program requires the Microsoft .NET runtimes. I am only making the source for this program available at present as this is not a finished product. However, if you would like a built version of it and can't do it yourself, let me know.

Download Source

Known Problems

This software has not reached a stage where I would call it finished. However, because I wrote it for my own use I wasn't too bothered about making it look too pretty. There are test buttons and displays on the main screen. Other bugs and problems listed below:

  • Only reads phonebook when program starts, so if phone isn't connected then, it won't read the phonebook
  • Doesn't automatically refresh the messages in the inbox when you reconnect the phone, so if you have received any in the meantime you have to press Refresh to make them show up
  • When you press refresh it does load the new messages from the phone, but adds them all to the list again. Press F5 to refresh the grid
  • Does not send long text messages, although the box allows you to enter them
  • The tree control for selecting the folders does nothing - outbox and sent items are not implemented, and the implementation of the Contacts list is not very good
  • Sending text messages only works to the default number for a contact - if it is not a mobile then it won't work
  • You can only send messages to people in your phonebook