PhotoSizer is an application which resizes photos. It is intended for use with Digital cameras where all of the source images are the same size, but will work well with other sources of images. It was written to produce images and thumbnail images suitable for use on a website.


  • Separate output directories for resized images and thumbnails
  • Customisable thumbnail naming format (e.g. mini-filename, small-filename etc)
  • File prefix for making names unique (adds prefix to every resized file
  • Customisable destination size and compression levels (on main image and thumbnail)
  • Automatically resets file time on resized image to date in EXIF info of original file (or file date if not present)
  • Timezone offset for adjusting file times by number of hours. Useful if photos were taken on holiday and you forgot to change the time on your camera!


Below are some screenshots showing the features of the program.

Main Screen, showing Destination Directories Main Screen, showing Destination Size options Main Screen, showing Options


The install package requires Windows Installer. I am not packaging this with an exe file as the program requires the .NET runtimes, which require Windows Installer anyway!.


Change Log

09 Oct 2002 1.0.1007 Initial Version