Server Switcher for Chrome

Install from Chrome Extensions Gallery


For years I've been using the excellent addon Server Switcher, which allows you to set up a development and production server of the same website, and switch between the same page either server with a single click. Upon switching to Chrome recently, I found I missed this addon so decided to write a version for Chrome.

At the moment, the Chrome addon only contains the basic functionality of the addon (which is all that I used). If there is enough demand, I may add further functionality to it.


Below is a picture of the addon in use showing the production website. Clicking the icon will change the location of the page to the development server

Below is the same browser after clicking the icon

Finally, the options page is shown below showing how this was configured

Revision History

Version Release Date Comments
0.2 29/03/2011 Fixed validation which was preventing adding localhost as a URL
0.1 26/06/2010 Initial Version