Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Full Name: Richard Alexander Lawley Date of Birth: 4th June 1980
Nationality: British Marital Status: Single
Sex: Male    
Home Address: (withheld - e-mail for details)    
Mobile Phone: (withheld - e-mail for details)    
E-mail: [email protected]    
Driving License: Full UK since Oct 1997 (Clean)    

Technical Skills

Skill Level Experience Last Used
Visual Basic (3-6) Expert 9 years Currently
Visual C++ (6) Beginner 3 months >1 year
Microsoft Office (4-2003) Expert 9 years Currently
NT Administration (NT4 and Windows 2000) Intermediate 6 years Currently
Linux Administration Intermediate 4 years Currently
SQL (SQL Server 6.5-2000) Expert 6 years Current
SQL (Oracle) Beginner 3 months >1 year
HTML Expert 7 years Current
ASP Intermediate 4 years 1 Year
ASP.NET Intermediate 3 years Current
PHP Expert 3 years Current
Java Intermediate 4 years Current
XML Intermediate 3 years Current
.NET (C#, VB.NET) Intermediate 4 years Current


2001 - Present

University of Southampton

Currently working on a PhD research program in the field of automated Quality of Service negotiation in Grid-based notification services as part of the Intelligence, Agents and Multimedia research group. For further details please see my Academic Work page or contact me


University of Southampton

Received a First Class BSc Honours in Computer Science.


Solihull Sixth Form College, West Midlands

A-Levels: Maths (A), Further Maths (A), Physics (A), Computer Science (A), General Studies (A)


Tudor Grange School, Solihull, West Midlands

GCSEs: 9 GCSEs (all A* - B) incl. Maths (A*), Double Science (A*), Geography (A*)
National Certificate in IT (A)

Employment History

1995 - Present

estar Solutions / RD Billing Services, Birmingham

I started in October 1995 as a work experience placement, after which I was offered a part time position, which I have kept up to now, including full time work throughout holidays.

Initially I started developing internal programs written in Visual Basic, mainly centred on the processing of billing feeds for a global telecommunications company, as well as helping with the technical upkeep of the computers within the company.

In 1997 I started working on a clinical charting package for a dental software company. This turned out to be a very large project, which has only been finished recently. It involved taking some basic code and adding database and graphical capabilities to it. It has since gone on to receive very good responses from customers. This work continued into Summer 2000.

Also in 1997 as our company expanded, I was responsible for the implementation of more network hardware, including the set-up and configuration of an NT Server. Since then we have added more NT Servers and the network has grown to between 15 and 20 computers. I added Internet connectivity to the network through an ISDN line initially, and more recently though a leased line with the addition of some Linux servers acting as a firewall, mail server and web server. I was responsible for the configuration of these servers and for monitoring them remotely.

I have developed a few web sites, both for our company and our clients, expanding my knowledge of HTML, which has been useful in more recent projects to write web-based applications using ASP. I learnt PHP to evaluate it as an alternative to ASP. I worked on an on-going project to create an Internet-based biller for a global telecommunications company.

Also in Summer 2000 I was asked to convert an Access based Practice Management program into SQL Server to be deployed over a Wide Area Network for a Regional Health Authority on a very limited timescale, which was a success.

I have worked on development and support for an electronic messaging billing system, including development on an Internet-based version including ASP, XML and SQL Server development

The company split into two in 2001, and I have spent time since then workin for both parts of the company.

1995 - 1996

R.A.M. Computers, Birmingham

This employment also started out as a result of my work experience placement with Relational Database Software Ltd. I worked on Saturdays and during the holidays working at this computer shop, where I was responsible for dealing with customers, as well as building and repairing computers and computer equipment.

Interests and Activities

I am a member of the Wessex Motor Club which involves road events including Navigational Scatters and 12-car rallies. I am on the committee of the club in the role of Webmaster, which has involved designing and maintaining the website, as well as involvement in decisions affecting the club.

I have started developing an interest in diving after discovering it on holiday, and also for waterskiing. I enjoy watching films and listening to music.


Please contact me for details of references