Older Academic Work

BSc Computer Science

Between the years of 1998 and 2001 I studied Computer Science at the University of Southampton.  Below are the results of my final year project and a module taken in the third year to write a paper for a mini conference held for the course.

Pt III Project

For my final year project, I undertook a project to design and build a Network management and Discovery package on Microsoft's .NET platform, which was only in Beta 1 at the time (!)

The program would be capable of discovering devices attached to the network in specified IP address ranges, and identifying what each device was (computer, router, printer etc). It would then identify the logical network connectivity between the devices and represent this on a map. Once the initial sequence had run, it would poll each of the devices registered to check their status using SNMP where possible. It would then notify any Administrators of any alert conditions.

Project Proposal [DOC]
Progress Report [DOC]
Final Report [DOC]

Multimedia Conference

One of our courses in the third year was to write a paper for a mini-conference held as part of the course. I wrote a paper entitled Multimedia Caching on the Internet - Explanation of multimedia caching and a summary of some of the products currently available. Written for the 3rd Year Multimedia Systems coursework and presented as part of the mini-conference held for the course. [PDF]